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The Air Jordan is a line of sports shoes launched by Nike in November 1984, inspired by the NBA basketball champion, Michael Jordan, so named for his athletic skills and his aerial game.

Michael Jordan wore Converse during his NCAA seasons. Then, during his rookie year, he wore the Nike Air Force Ships for the first time and, the following year, the Air Jordan "one".

The brand is mainly associated with the series of 23 basketball shoes created for the famous basketball player until 2009. Inspired by the personality of the player or his passions, these sneakers wanted to be the most avant-garde on the market both in terms of technique and design.

The Jordan Brand was created in 1997 in collaboration with Nike. Michael Jordan is personally involved in this division that represents him. The Swoosh, which is the logo of the company, no longer appears on the Jordan branded products of the Air Jordan VII (1992), only the Jumpman (logo) appears there: this is the extension of a very profitable association between the two partners since 1984.

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