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Superga® is one of the most prestigious brands in the history of Italian footwear worldwide and caters to those who want to wear casual, contemporary shoes, but with a touch of real history and nearly one hundred years of culture and tradition.
Superga® is and always will be a classic because, since the beginning, it has always kept its timeless appeal intact, no matter how you wear it.

Turin, 1911. More than a hundred years ago, in the factory located at the foot of the famous Basilica, the idea of Superga began to break through the ingenuity of young entrepreneur Walter Martiny.
In 1913, Superga® produced totally waterproof rubber boots.
A few years later, in 1925, Martiny created one of the world's first sports shoes with a vulcanized rubber sole to meet the needs of his tennis player wife. At that time, tennis players used canvas shoes with rope soles.
In the 1970s, Superga® established itself in the sports world with a dedicated line. All of the brand's sports shoes are distinguished by the "dovetail" logo, the unmistakable sign of the Superga Sport label.
In 2007, Superga, after reallocating and curating the positioning of its products on the market through high-impact advertising campaigns, launched collaborations with prestigious brands from the world of fashion, including those with Fendi and Swarovski.

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